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 Upcoming events

Get ready for a powerful natural health-care presentation!

"Khabir Southwick is extremely informative, easy to understand and full of humor." 

As a seasoned public speaker, Khabir provides keeps the audience engaged with stories and examples while providing very valuable and clear sharing of his many years of experience.  He strives to inspire change in people by providing a deep understanding of a subject in a light-hearted and positive style. 

Khabir regularly provides public talks and workshops throughout Southern California, Europe, Morocco, UAE and India. 

"When people understand the effects of their lifestyle and dietary habits on their body they want to change.  I feel my work is to shine light on a subject and then light a fire for people to take action!"  Khabir Southwick


Speaking topics include:

  • Understanding your Ayurveda Dosha: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.
  • Overcoming Common Digestive Complaints 
  • How To Naturally Detox Your Body 
  • Natural Approaches To Managing Stress 
  • Conquering Food Cravings and Losing Weight Naturally 
  • Managing Cholesterol Through Diet.*
  • A Holistic Approach to  Reduce Inflammation and Pain.*
  • Diet and Nutrition for a  Healthy Heart.
  • Using spices Therapeutically to Improve your Health.

Thanks for being at HIP today. I always enjoy you, I really do. I find you extremely entertaining while sharing knowledge at the same time! You had a good turn out.  People seem to really love your talks!  So, I hope you do it again sometime soon. Nancy, [former] Owner, Hip Vegetarian Joint, Ojai

Each talk is a short workshop with participants actively assessing their own health condition and receiving useful remedies. Talks run from 30-90 minutes and participants will receive some supporting material.

Public Speaking

Khabir is pleased to deliver powerful and entertaining health presentations and lectures for health conscious businesses, wellness centers, yoga centers, non-profits, churches, and schools.

Speaking fees: There is no fee for approved non-profits, religious centers, and schools if other expenses are provided for.   Partnership arrangements with shared costs of promotion are generally made with compatible yoga centers and wellness centers.  For businesses and other organizations, speaking fees start at $500 depending on the length of time required, plus any additional travel costs.


Khabir provides 1 day, 2 day and 3 day workshops on the following subjects:

  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda 
  • Fundamentals and the Physiology of Ayurveda 
  • Diagnosing and treating digestive conditions (agni) based on Ayurveda 
  • Pulse Diagnosis methodes of Ayurveda
  • Diagnosing by observation: the skin, nails & face based on Ayurveda 
  • Understanding the 6 stages of disease according to Ayurveda 
  • Analysis of 10 body systems (srotamsi) according to Ayurveda 
  • Understanding the Rhythms of the Doshas

"We've been having Khabir come to Whole Foods Market Oxnard for several  months now, and the response has been awesome! He's so knowledgeable and his talks are very topical and thorough." Cindy Schoonmaker, Marketing & Community Outreach - Whole Foods Market Oxnard

Workshop arrangements:

Khabir will work with your health or wellness center or yoga studio to host a workshop in your city.  Khabir is open to providing workshops in most major cities in the USA or Europe, Moscow, Kuwait city, Dubai, and others.  Generally, workshops are done in partnership with a sharing of the tuition.  

"Khabir Southwick is a very knowledgeable professional in areas of Ayurvedic, herbs, supplements, and eating a whole food diet. He is very easy to work with, approachable and understands that no two people are alike with their health and nutrition needs. I've enjoyed the opportunity of his services of providing nutrition workshops at my area of business." (Via LinkedIn)  Rae van Seenus, Marketing Team Leader, Whole Foods Market - Santa Barbara



Please contact Khabir at 805-858-9222 for more information and to discuss scheduling a workshop or talk.  

Khabir has spoken at Whole foods Santa Barbara, The Vegan Joint – Ojai, Evergreen Chiropractic Center, Holistic Health Center of Santa Barbara, Alchemy Arts Center – Santa Barbara, The Well – Ojai, Healing in America – Ojai and more, with regular monthly classes at Rainbow Bridge Warehouse, Ojai. Additionally, he has spoke in Yoga studios, health centers and venues in Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir, Morocco, as well as in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

"I attended a great Ayurveda workshop Saturday with Khabir Southwick in Ojai, CA. The workshop was just what I needed to help me understand my Dosha better and learn some dietary changes I can make to bring myself into wholeness.  I met a nice group of serious students and found the workshop enjoyable at the same time. It let's me know I have much to learn, but like everything in life it is a process.  I would recommend Khabir to my friends and family!"  Suzanne Streate, San Diego, CA

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Thank you for the seminar last night – it was very helpful and I know others that will enjoy it also. Regards, Christine

It was a complete mystery as to what to feed my child.  I knew she had a different body-type and I just didn't know what to feed her.  She had a different appetite and metabolism. When you showed me the dosha system I was relieved to know that there were foods that would stabilize her.   After following your recommendations, her skin condition improved and her sleep patterns are more regular.  Thanks Khabir. Deina Santoya, Ojai

I first sought out Khabir's help as I was feeling effects that often coincide with over exposure to heavy metals. I was feeling dizziness, lightheaded, metallic tastes, slight depression and disruption in sleep. We completed a full detox of the liver and gallbladder.  I can say that since completion, the symptoms are gone.  Im sleeping better and my focus is back and sharp. Thanks Khabir! John Whyte, Ojai

The results were impressive [from your Gallbladder/Liver Flush Workshop] and I will be doing my second gallbladder/liver flush in a few months.  Thank you, Khabir, for your guidance through this process and being available to answer any concerns. Mary Kennedy, Ojai March, 2012


Thank you so much for a great presentation tonight and sharing your wealth of information and experience Tina Mae, Ojai


Those sleeping herbs are the absolute best thing that has happened to me in ten years.  Sleeping so well.  Wow I can't tell you how huge that is.  I stopped taking the marinol. Karen Stepphens, Ojai


I thought the talk was great.  You have a lot of great information, and I love your approach that there is no "one-size fits all" diet. You make the information fun and easy to understand.  Ayervedic nutrition is really interesting to me, and I find the concepts easy to apply . . . Stacy Pribanic, Ojai


You are a magician.  My spasms are mostly gone.  The inflammation has been greatly reduced.  Very little pain or stiffness.  in fact, I a feeling back on course energetically. Karen Stephens, Oak View


I really enjoyed the talk and evening last night. Thanks for the treats and great info! Gena Dillon, Ojai







Khabir Southwick is available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California, Bulverde Texas or remotely by Zoom worldwide.

 Fees and Health Assessment Forms

Call or text 805-858-9222 for more information.  For general inquires: email info @ KhabirsClinic .com

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