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Sean Moran is a well versed and knowledgeable ayurvedic practitioner. He is highly passionate about his craft and is very detailed in his approach. He has been Khabir's assistant and student for over three years, traveling to India twice to engage in intensive studies alongside Khabir himself. Sean specializes in Adrenal Fatigue/Depletion, Acne, most Digestive issues, mild-moderate Stress and Anxiety, Insomnia, and young adults/children who want to improve their overall health naturally with the help of Ayurveda.  Sean can teach you about your original body type (Prakriti) and how to live and eat according to your imbalances (Vikruti). Sean is skilled with herbs and knows Khabir's formulas extremely well after being his student and assistant for many years.  Currently, he is Assisting Khabir in the Ojai Clinic and providing appointments in the Ojai clinic in Khabir's absents.  Sean also manages mixing formulas and shipping orders world wide.


Benard Bennett interest in Ayurveda began with Yoga. He took a weekend course over Ayurveda and Yoga in Austin at YogaYoga from Felecia Tomasko. There he learned about srotasmi and the intricate systems of Ayurveda. Traveling throughout India for 6 months at a time over 3 years from 2017-2019 afforded him many experiences with Panchakarma doctors in Gokarna to Pediatrician doctors at an Ayurvedic Hospital in Kolkata. The most fulfilling learning experience was in Pachmari, where he sat in during a vaidyas consultation, observed his formulations of chayawanprash through open air vessels and visited his roof to see the drying and wildcrafting of herbs for 3 weeks.
He met Khabir at his Ayurvedic training course taught in Rishikesh, India. He completed Fundamental Principles & Physiology Level 1 , Diagnosis Methods Level 2 and Herbology & Dietary Treatments course for 450 hours and 3 month intern/apprenticeship with Khabir at his clinic for over 1000 hours.  During his India course, the owner of Ayurpak taught 2-3 classes a week going over dishes like kitchari and kheer. With Khabir's oversight and my willingness to follow ancient texts, I make ghritams and tailams with the utmost therapeutic efficacy.

Currently Bernard is Assisting Khabir and providing appointments with Khabir in Austin Texas at Pure Yoga Texas and  Radha Madhav Dham ashram.


Michele Nichols is a dedicated practitioner and authorized teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. She co-owns the Ashtanga Yoga Shala Santa Barbara, est. 2001. With compassion, enthusiasm and skillful touch she offers group and private instruction in asana, pranayama and meditation. She is also a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor trained at the beautiful campus of Mount Madonna College of Ayurveda, and recently joined the team in Ojai, assisting Khabir in his clinic. She has a passion for using the incredible tools of both yoga and Ayurveda to support health and well-being. With respect and humility, employing both diet and lifestyle modifications, as well as Ayurvedic body therapies including abhyanga, shirodhara, nasya and karna purana, she will help guide you towards a life in balance according to your individual constitution





Baucharan Us - Creative Director & Graphic Designer, India Office

Baucharan is responsible for all graphic designs and photo management on this website and all social media, flyers, promotions and name card designs for organization and clinic.


Joyson Fernandez, Customer Support Manager, Indian office,

Joysan answer the organizations phone, replies to text and communicates and supports all clients 6 days a week from Pacific time 9 am to 5pm Monday thru Thursday and from Pacific time 9am to 1pm on Friday and Saturday.  Joyson Manages Khabir's schedule, scheduling appointments for all practitioners, provided customer support for existing clients and the prepares orders for clients for additional products.

Call or text him at 805-308-3480

Mrikula - Social media Manager,

Mrikula manages all Facebook accounts world wide including but not limited to groups, pages. promotions and posts.  Furthermore, she manages Khabir's Linkedin Page, Twitter page, parts of his YouTube account and other social media services that Khabir is not even aware of!  (Text on accompanying post on social media may not be the words of Khabir or may just copied from an article from Khabir with additional information and a disclaimer.

Member of: Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA), American Herbalist Guild (AHG), Ayurvedic Institute, Ayurveda Association of Canada (AAC), National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)



Recent Testimonials

  • " Thank you . . . for help[ing] me gain better health and heal my skin."

    "I wanted to thank you for all your help and wonderful products you have created, as I have been feeling better than I have for a long time and my skin has cleared up. You are extremely skilled and an expert in herbs. You have given me lots of great advice, as well as guidance on diet, herbs, and overall important aspects of my life to work on to help me gain better health and heal my skin. It's great to have nice skin again!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!" Sally Mitchell. Rigby, ID, Nov. 2021

  • Ayurvedic Healing Master

    'Kabir will give you the compassionate attention to detail you need in order to form the precise herbs and diet to order to balance your dosha and return to homeostasis. My results were significant after my first month of following the recommended way of eating and taking the herbs he prescribed. I would highly recommend Kabir as an alternative to Allopathic medicine which offers only drugs and surgery. You will be made whole again as he guides your body into perfect balance. Thank you Kabir"  Leila Stephens, Sep. 2021

  • "Khabir is such a nice man and I feel he truly cares about his patients"

    "I recently went for my first visit to Khabir's Health Clinic due to a variety of ailments I have been suffering with for years. I love the fact that I did not have to wait to see him, as I do with other health care professionals. I walked in at my appointment time and that is when our appointment started.   Khabir is such a nice man and I feel he truly cares about his patients and their results, and he is also very knowledgeable!    His staff was great and very helpful.  I was given a variety of herbs to take and a diet plan that is specifically geared toward helping with the ailments I suffer from.   I just started with my plan a week ago so it is still early but I feel very hopeful that this plan will work for me. I have lost a couple of LBS and I have a bit more energy. I encourage more...

  • "[The treatment] is working perfectly well"

    "I couldn’t eat anything without digestive enzymes. I suffered from unbearable bloating, feeling dizzy after eating, nervous exhaustion, anxiety when I started Khabir’s treatment. It was not an overnight miracle. Seven months into the treatment, diet changes, herbs (miracle btw), I can digest anything and have not used digestive enzymes for three months now. I am very grateful to have met Khabir and diet that he helped for my body. [The treatment] is working perfectly well. I am so grateful to have found him through YouTube videos. "  Giyah Mikhael, Madrid, Spain. Aug, 2021

  • “Khabir has saved my life!!!... I highly recommend working with him!

    “Khabir has saved my life!!! I was depressed, over weight, had really bad inflammation and was pre diabetic. After working with Khabir for only five months I am no longer pre diabetic, I am down 51lbs and for the first time since being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 6yrs ago my inflammation levels are in the normal range. I highly recommend working with him! He confirmed for me that food and the right herbs heal all and I’ve never felt better.” Danielle Palma on June, 2021


Khabir Southwick and his associates are available for [face-to-face] consultations in Ojai California or remotely by Zoom or Skype worldwide.

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Call or text 805-308-3480 for more information.  For general inquires: email

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